What is behind “Spirit of Medellín”?


City of Eternal Spring: Medellín

About us and our mission: MADE IN MEDELLÍN

Pulsating joie de vivre and economic boom collide in Medellín with a dark, shady past and one of the highest crime rates in the world: the spirit of this city has inexorably captivated us with its contrasts and inspires our Spirit of Medellín brand down to the smallest detail.   

May we cast a spell on you? 

Right here, in the “City of Eternal Spring”, our vision of a special clothing line is born. We set ourselves the goal to capture the Spirit of Medellín, all the bubbling emotional impressions of the emerging South American metropolis and to carry the change into the world. This vision became reality in 2020.

Because we care about more than good clothing

Our ambition is to create personalized sweaters/garments of the highest quality – sustainably produced, from the best cotton in the world. We have managed to center the entire value chain in the nearby region around Medellín. This makes the products particularly sustainable and, at the same time, ensures that we can provide fair payments and working conditions. This is our very own contribution to this wonderful city.

Our raw material: Pima cotton from Peru

How we develop the most premium sweaters of our time?

Even in the selection of raw materials, we don’t make any compromises. We import the highest quality cotton from the direct neighboring country: Pima cotton from a plantation on the north coast of Peru. Particularly long fibers combined with careful harvesting by hand ensure the highest wearing comfort and exceptional shine. Only this cotton can be dyed in the most vibrant colors according to our requirements and remains free of scratchy impurities. Besides, the comfortable cotton is also hypoallergenic for people with sensitive skin and 100% vegan.

A workplace: This is where sewing takes place

Craftmanship from the barrios

After the cotton has been imported to Colombia, the further processing does not take place in large factories as usual. Our approach limits us in terms of the production capacity, but for us it is clearly quality that counts over quantity! 

For the processing of our fine wool, we cooperate with small workshops directly in the barrios (poor districts) of Medellín. Our tailors have years of experience in the manufacture of high quality textiles. Organized in small comunas, they carefully sew the garments by hand. Thus, each of our products is unique and can be provided with an individual name tag. After production, each valuable garment, lovingly packed in a fine box, goes on an exciting journey – until it finally arrives at your home.

The perfection: Premium quality packaging

Our designs made for you

Become part of the Spirit of Medellín community today and get one of our limited sweaters. Let yourself be shaped by the change of this city and the pursuit for success and new pursuit, without forgetting your own dark past. Support the life in South America with every order and experience the Spirit of Medellín.

We whish you a lot of fun with it!

Markus, Christoph and Moritz